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I am connected to the Minnesota Consultants Network of Scientists and Engineers and several academic colleagues.  If I can't find an answer my colleagues will.
  • Design of Experiments, DOE, creation and analysis
  • Process data analysis
  • Measurement precision and accuracy studies
  • Process capability studies
  • Determining improvement strategies
  • Video documentation of statistical software procedures
  • Minitab training
  • Custom Minitab Applications and Macros

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Member of the American Society for Quality, ASQ since 1988.

I am a senior member of ASQ.

I am a Certified Quality Engineer, license # 18042 since 1988.

I am certified as a Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence, license # 02294 since 1997.

I use the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard practices to help small companies define and document their processes so they can enforce a uniform practice. 

I use statistical thinking in all situations to separate special from common cause issues. 

I use statistical methods to help implement process improvements.


Thirty Five Years at 3M Company where I had Process Engineering, Manufacturing Management, Quality Control Laboratory, Quality Engineering, and ISO 9001 Team Leader for the Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division.

I won a Corporate Quality Achievement Award for developing software, called BPChart, to implement Statistical Thinking for executive viewing of their Key Performance Indices.

I was awarded the Lew Lehr Career Quality Achievement Award in 2004.

Jim McNerny, 3M CEO, presenting Mike

with a 3M Corporate Quality Career Award